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Chilliwack RCMP offer tips to avoid holiday thefts

Neighbours watching out for neighbours can help avoid stolen parcels

The holiday season means more shopping, more purchases, more stuff, all of which can lead to more theft.

The Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment of the RCMP is warning people about individuals waiting for the opportunity to take in the season of giving.

Vehicles left unattended with doors unlocked, items and purchases in easy view, and electric garage door openers left inside overnight present greater opportunities for a thief to target holiday shoppers as they buy gifts for family and friends.

A number of videos have been posted in recent days on social media from residential security cameras depicting thefts from doorsteps.

“Alongside of our officers conducting proactive patrols we encourage neighbours to watch out for neighbours and report suspicious activity to police,” said RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Mike Rail. “Having the community working with police remains a powerful means to keep our neighbourhoods safe.”

Rail said this type of informal neighbourhood watch can help avoid parcels being left too long on doorsteps for thieves to steal.

“If you are expecting a parcel delivery, let a neighbour know and have that neighbour pick that parcel up and offer the same,” he said. “Neighbours looking after neighbours parcels mean parcels won’t be left lying around.”

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Tips to protect your property from theft:

· Always lock vehicle doors.

· Do not leave valuables in plain view inside a vehicle.

· Remove valuables and remote garage door openers from vehicles when parked for the night.

· Light up your home at night.

Travelling over the Christmas Season:

· Have someone check your home daily.

· Do not let newspapers and flyers accumulate in front of your home.

· Have the mail picked up daily or have the post office hold your mail.

RCMP remind everyone who witnesses anything they believe to be suspicious in nature to contact your local police agency or, to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

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