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Chilliwack prolific offender gets time served for property crime, impersonation

Robert Edwin William Mar not released from custody as he faces trial in June with two others for alleged home invasion
Chilliwack Law Courts

A man with a history of property crime, theft, forgery and weapons offences in downtown Chilliwack was sentenced to time served Monday for possession of stolen property, break-in instruments and impersonation to avoid arrest.

But Robert Edwin William Mar was not released from custody as his current troubles are not over.

Mar faces a trial in June alongside fellow prolific offenders Jeffrey Michael Kizmann and Robert Patrick Callender for an alleged home invasion robbery on Nov. 10, 2016.

On Monday, Mar was in custody in court to plead guilty to three counts connected to an incident on July 5, 2016. It was just after 2:30 a.m., when, dressed all in black, Mar was seen by an RCMP officer in the Berkeley Avenue and Cawley Street area on a mountain bike.

The Mountie turned around and found Mar crouched down between two cars. He was arrested for trespassing at night. Mar was wearing a backpack and the officer found a flathead screwdriver, vice grips, several keys and a “man purse” in which were two credit cards in someone else’s name.

He then gave the officer a false name, the name of a former acquaintance.

Crown and Mar’s defence lawyer issued a joint submission for sentencing in Court on Monday. Mar, who has been in custody since Nov. 16, was sentenced to 14 days for a breach and 60 days for the three more serious charges.

The effective sentence given by Judge Robert Gunnell was nine days and 40 days given the standard time-and-a-half credit for time served.

That amount of time will be deducted for the time he has spent in pre-trial custody leading up to what is scheduled to be a five-day trial in June and July for the alleged home invasion.

The court heard that Mar is 33-years-old, is an aboriginal male who doesn’t know what First Nation he belongs to due to years of growing up in foster care. He suffers from heroin addiction, ADHD, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder due to the fact that he was shot a year ago.