Chilliwack needs more snow angels

Only 15 people have registered to help clear snow for seniors and the disabled, despite massive storm

You don’t need wings to be a snow angel. You just need two strong arms and a willingness to shovel.

Some driveways will be long and treacherous. Some sidewalks will be short and sweet. But as a snow angel, you’ll be able to clear them all with ease and a smile on your face. You may already be an unofficial snow angel, clearing paths for friends and neighbours so they can come and go more easily.

If this sounds like you, then the folks at the Chilliwack Seniors’ Resources Society would love to hear from you.

After all, not everyone is able to remove the snow that’s piled up over the last few days. With about 48 cm in snowfall, and blowing snow and snowplows creating piles at least twice that height, the job is not just enormous for some. It’s downright impossible.

The Seniors’ Resources Society matches up residents who either elderly or disabled with their snow angels, to help fill this need. To date, there are only 15 people who have signed up to be snow angels, so the need is urgent.

“The recent snowfall was too much and too fast for most of us to keep up with,” the society posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning. “Many have not left their homes since Friday. While our program is available to seniors and those with disabilities, it is dependent on the availability of volunteers. We currently have 15 volunteers registered as Snow Angels, with almost half of them still working full time.”

While the program is to help out seniors, some of the volunteers are seniors, too. Their oldest volunteer is 80 years old. Snow angels help residents who may be isolated, needing to get to medical appointments, or even to get groceries.

If you would like to help with removing snow from sidewalks and driveways during winter events, contact the society by email at or call 604-793-9979.

And to find our more about the City of Chilliwack’s public works snow removal program, call 604-793-2810.