Chilliwack man charged with B&E after arrest with help from police dog Ford

Sebastian James Brandolini, 24, facing criminal charges and remains in custody pending a court appearance later this month.

Police service dog

Police service dog

Charges are pending for a Chilliwack man arrested with a help of a police dog and an alert resident.

Sebastian James Brandolini, 24, faces one charge of Break and Enter and remains in custody pending a court appearance later this month, said a RCMP spokesman.

The criminal charge was approved on the heels of a Oct. 14 Progress story about a homeowner who awoke before dawn to the sounds of a man screaming outside her home. She looked outside the window to see a police dog, RCMP officers and a police vehicle mid-arrest, after they had tracked a suspect to her street.

The takedown on Oct. 5 was by general duty officers, and a police service dog named, Ford, who arrived on-scene quickly. He followed a scent and got a track on the suspect who’d fled the scene on bike.

The dog trailed the scent until about 4:30 a.m. where the man was taken into custody. During a search of the suspect, officers found and seized evidence linking him to the B&E.

The homeowner had called it into police soon after she heard the suspicious sound of the garage door opening.

“An alert resident immediately reporting suspicious activity, the timely response of police resources, and police service dog Ford are responsible for the apprehension of the suspect,” says Cpl. Mike Rail, of the UFVRD.