Chilliwack is business friendly to the bone

Acting Mayor Jason Lum accepted the Most Business Friendly award for City of Chilliwack at a NAIOP investment breakfast event Thursday

Chillwack’s business friendly approach has earned it a prestigious award — for all the right reasons, according to Acting Mayor Jason Lum.

Lum accepted the ‘Most Business Friendly’ award in person on behalf of mayor, council and staff at an investment breakfast event Thursday morning in Vancouver, hosted by NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Association.

“We beat out municipalities all across Metro Vancouver,” said the jubilant city councillor. “It was a good day for Chilliwack.”

Being business friendly helps keep unemployment down.

“Supporting job creators in our City means ensuring more jobs for the people of Chilliwack, fair and equitable taxes for businesses and residents alike, and access to fantastic amenities in our own backyard,” he told the crowd at the award breakfast.

The judges cited Chilliwack’s innovative and trend-setting Industrial Revitalization Tax exemption, which provides industrial tax breaks for five years on construction projects of more than $1 million. It’s part of NAIOP Vancouver Chapter’s commercial development “report card” comparing Lower Mainland cities.

“It means we’re moving in the right direction,” Lum said about the award recognition.

Although it’s true Chilliwack already has the reputation of being business friendly, the award reinforces that it’s for all the “right” reasons, he added.

“We actively work on reducing processing times. Those are the hallmarks of understanding business. It’s about customer service.”