The latest data from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

The latest data from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Chilliwack COVID case count drops as Abbotsford’s goes up

The latest BC Centre for Disease Control report shows nothing but hot spots west of Chilliwack

Chilliwack’s COVID case count trended in the right direction last week, according to the latest report on local health authorities (LHAs) from the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC).

The Chilliwack LHA recorded 105 cases for the period of April 11 to 17, down from 130 the week prior. Chilliwack now averages between 10.1 and 15 cases per 100,000 people, fourth worst of the six categories put forth by the BCCDC.

But that represents improvement after Chilliwack averaged between 15.1 and 20 cases last week, the fifth worst BCCDC category.

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Everything is still a mess to the west of Chilliwack, where the BCCDC map shows a big area of hot-spot red.

Abbotsford had a worse week with 492 cases, after recording 313 the previous week. Surrey’s COVID case count increased from 1573 to 1698, as did Langley’s, from 210 to 340. Just about every LHA from here to Burnaby averages 20-plus cases per 100,000.

Closer to home, Agassiz also had a bad week, recording 20 cases (up from five last week) to put it in the 20-plus club.

Hope had six cases last week and four this week.


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