BC Conservatives pick their Chilliwack candidates

The BC Conservatives have selected their local candidates for the May provincial election.

The BC Conservatives have finally selected their local candidates for the May provincial election. Michael Henshall will run for MLA of Chilliwack/Hope, and Chad Eros was acclaimed for the Chilliwack riding.

“For too long, the past two decades, we the people of B.C. have stood idly by and allowed the provincial two-party system to serve special interest groups while the hardworking taxpayer pays the bills,” Henshall told supporters on Saturday.

Henshall previously worked in real estate, fishing, construction, and taught English as a Second Language. He has three children with his wife of 15 years, Robin, and the family regularly volunteers for the hospice. Henshall is also a member of several environmental organizations.

Banker and management consultant Eros previously ran for city council, coming in 18th out of 20 candidates. He has nine children with wife Trisha.

“When I realized that there weren’t very many people coming forward to challenge what looked like was going to be an NDP win by acclimation, I put my name in to represent all conservative, free market-minded people,” says Eros.

The candidate isn’t concerned that this very move might split the right-wing vote.

“The Liberal party hasn’t acted like a free enterprise party in the last term anyway, and they have no plans on reversing any of their barrier-to-entry policy. I don’t think there is a free market party without BC Conservatives running,” he says.

Eros and Henshall will go up against BC NDP candidates Patti MacAhonic (Chilliwack) and sitting MLA Gwen O’Mahony (Chilliwack-Hope), and BC Liberals John Martin (Chilliwack) and Laurie Throness (Chilliwack–Hope). Martin previously ran for the Conservatives, but jumped to the BC Liberals.