Applause for injured UFV student

Dyllan Egilson, severely injured in a recent head on collision, receives a standing ovation at the UFV Directors Festival.

Dyllan Egilson

Dyllan Egilson

Thunderous applause for those on stage is not unusual at the UFV Directors Festival, but one of this year’s big stars was in the audience.

Dyllan Egilson received a standing ovation while taking in one of the festival’s offerings last Thursday. The UFV-theatre student was involved in a nasty collision on Evans Road in February, receiving serious injuries as a result. Both Egilson and the driver of another car had to be removed with the Jaws of Life, by firefighters.

But Egilson is on the mend, and attended the UFV with the help of a cane. He was given a reserved seat for the festival, which took place at the UFV Theatre on Yale Road, from April 22-16. Darren McDonald, a communications specialist at UFV, was in the theatre, shooting at the Directors’ Festival when Egilson was honoured by his fellow classmates.

“With one hand on his cane and the other in the air, he received a standing ovation,” McDonald said.

The photo has been shared on Facebook and has received many positives comments, with the most inspiring one coming from Egilson himself:

“Nothing will ever kill this spirit of mine!” he wrote.