Alert neighbour helps battle blaze

A home in the 51,000 block of Ferry Road was saved from significant damage by the quick actions of a passer-by.

A resident of a home in the 51,000 block of Ferry Road has a neighbour to thank for helping to thwart a fire.

Around 1:45 p.m. on Saturday, a blaze broke out in a one-story house.

The occupant of the home flagged down a neighbour, who grabbed a dry-chemical fire extinguisher and controlled the flames until fire crews took over. Firefighters from three halls arrived to find light smoke pouring from the back of the house, but quickly got it under control.

The home sustained minor damage to a section of the interior wall, but smoke damage was contained to one room. The occupant was taken to hospital for treatment of minor smoke inhalation.

There were no firefighter injuries and the cause of the fire is considered accidental.

The fire department does remind homeowners to properly dispose of hot ash from fireplaces or appliances. Ash should be stored in a metal container. It should be kept outside the home, away from anything that could catch on fire.

The fire department also recommends using good quality firewood and having chimneys inspected and cleaned annually by a certified professional.