City of Chilliwack will pay about $56

City of Chilliwack will pay about $56

$56,000 for bus drivers’ biffy

The City of Chilliwack pays $56,000 to build a single-stall washroom for transit operators.

It’s a funny-looking structure in front of Salish Park.

It’s the new, city-built washroom facilities for Chilliwack transit drivers, at an estimated cost of $56,000.

“It was built because the bus drivers had nowhere to go, other than trying to rely on the kindness of local merchants,” said Mayor Sharon Gaetz. “It was all part of updating our transit system.”

Part of the costs were associated with plumbing and electrical work, which isn’t “chump change,” she added.

It was also time to address the deficiency of a dedicated washroom for the drivers.

“They are very appreciative. It was time to do something about it,” said Gaetz.

The small facility will be for the exclusive use of Chilliwack transit drivers only.

“I see it as us looking after our bus drivers. We needed to do that. When they ask for something reasonable, like a bathroom, we’ll make it happen for them.”