Meghan Reid enters Chilliwack school board trustee race

Meghan Reid enters Chilliwack school board trustee race

Former teacher in the U.S. and parent of two children in the district

One of the last of the 14 candidates to step up for the Chilliwack school board election is parent and former (U.S.) teacher Meghan Reid.

Reid lives on the south side of the city and is a parent with two children in the district.

“I look at our school system and I question ‘How can we do things differently, or better, to improve the education for our children in our community?’” she said in a statement.

“For the past nine years, as I have watched my children progress through elementary into middle and high school, I have witnessed overcrowding, teacher shortages, lack of educational support, non-existent counselling, miscommunication on various levels, and a disconnect between the school board and the community.”

Reid said she is keen to working together to improving the educational system in the Chilliwack school district.

“Every parent I speak to wants to see change, starting with a parent elected to the board,” Reid said. “They want someone who knows the frustrations and safety issues experienced by parents in our school parking lots. They want a voice to speak on their behalf about reconfiguration, inadequate busing, and the lack of resources. When has it become acceptable that our children don’t have enough textbooks to learn from?

“I am interested in connecting with the teachers in the classroom to better find ways to help them succeed. A board trustee can not know what is going on if they never visit the classroom. I seek to advocate for funding from the province for new schools, more buses and more education assistants, things that we so desperately need.

“There are so many challenges that our school board faces, but first and foremost, I want to get in the classroom and talk to teachers and see what hurdles they face as educators. I want to be the voice for parents, a partner for educators, and an advocate for every child in Chilliwack. The Chilliwack School District needs to face up to new challenges, seek ways to improve our school system, and support our children. I want to be part of that challenge.”

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