No Grid Survival Projects (Michael Major) Review – How to Survive EMP Attacks Book Guide?

We all need a contingency plan when the unexpected happens, such as blackouts, economic crises, riots, martial law, hurricanes, hyperinflation, or other unpredicted events. Developing the ability to do things yourself without waiting for help is crucial. It is possible to survive any crisis with the right mindset, skills, and supplies.

Being self-sufficient pays off in the long run instead of depending on others to do the basic things in your home. No Grid Survival Project contains instructions, sketches, step-by-step guidelines, and videos of DIY essentials at home.

Michael Major, formerly in the Army, created the 302-page product. Major’s book details all the materials you need, and the projects are cheap.

Keep reading this review to find out if No Grid Survival Projects are worth your money.

What are No Grid Survival Projects?

No Grid Survival Projects is a physical book that contains 20 essential projects that help you save money, be prepared for a crisis, and become self-sufficient.

The projects do not require much time to complete. If you follow each instruction step, you will have an amazing and precise outcome. The book contains pictures, sketches, materials, and where to order them. Major claims that there is no room for error, unlike the instructions from IKEA.

In every project, the book indicates the price of materials, the difficulty level, and the duration needed to complete the project. It provides information on the project to help you plan.

The projects in the No Grid Survival book are less time-consuming.

The projects are perfect for busy people who want to save money. The DIY projects can be done by anyone, man or woman, young or old. According to the book guidelines, anyone can live in a place with no electricity.

How Do No Grid Survival Projects Work?

The Author Major has put all the effort into demonstrating how to build over 70 essential projects. No Grid Survival Projects has eight chapters, with the projects planned according to their categories. The chapters are as follows:

  • Water-related projects;
  • Guns and Ammo-related projects;
  • Electricity-related projects;
  • Food-related projects;
  • Keeping intruders off projects;
  • Traps for animals and birds projects;
  • Backyard-related projects;
  • Projects on natural remedies, seeds, and herbs.

In every project, the book provides the list of materials, the necessary tools, where to get the tools, the difficulty level, and the estimated time to complete a project. The author is precise and provides several pictures to demonstrate whatever users need to know.

The book provides easy-to-follow instructions even for high-impact survival projects. It ensures that users get everything right without room for mistakes and stay safe in times of crisis.

What do No Grid Survival Projects Comprise?

No Grid Survival Projects provide survival solutions and how to stay safe when faced with challenges. No Grid Survival Projects comprises some of the following projects:

Pressurized Rainwater Harvesting and Purification System

It took Major around 3 hours to complete the pressurized water project. Builds an indigenous rainwater harvesting system that can store 165 gallons of water. You can use the water without a pump by using the gravity of the water stored vertically.

The pressurized rainwater is used for irrigating your garden. The purification system uses a filter to clean the water to drink and cook.

The 3 Bucket Water Filter

You can use three empty buckets stacked on top of each other to build a water filter. The project can take about 30 minutes or less. The water filter is safe to clean water, especially for people living in areas with dirty water.

How to Make Black Powder at Home

You can use only three ingredients to make black powder the old-fashioned way. Black powder is used for survival and defense in your home.

DIY Wind Turbine from Salvaged Motors

DIY projects are useful because you can use readily available materials. The book illustrates how to make a wind turbine from electric bike salvaged motors, fan motors of car engines, treadmills motors, and Segways.

The Most Powerful Survival Food You Can Make at Home

You will find how to make powerful foods for human survival that do not require any refrigeration. The book talks about the high-energy Pemmican, which provides the body with 2000 calories.

The Hidden Food Growing Fence

The project can turn a simple fence into a garden. It is made from discarded pallets or wooden planters. The food-growing fence is beautiful but hidden.

Automatic Backyard Traps and Alarms for Looters and Intruders

The project will help you keep away looters and intruders. It involves setting traps using hidden razor-blade wire, camouflage spike, and tripwire alarm

How to Build the Oven that Cooks Without Fire, Fuel, or Smoke

The project is about survival; it enables you to eat without fire, fuel, or smoke. In case of post-collapse, you can easily feed your family without the inviting smell calling people

The Backyard Power Plant

In case of a blackout, you might need a Backyard power plant solar energy system to keep devices such as TV, laptop, and fridge running.

The power plant is powered by a battery bank, which cannot be easily affected by an EMP. The battery bank can charge phones and keep other home appliances running.

The book illustrates where to get the building materials and how to assemble everything from the solar panels to the inverters.

Free Hot Running Water

The project shows how to make a water heater using a heating coil added to the wood stove. The off-grid shower is convenient, especially if you live in cold areas.

The No-Grid Shower

You can use wooden pallets, plastic sheets, and cracked or damaged IBCs to shower without running water.

DIY Wire Snare and Twitch Snare for Small Animals

You can make two snares to trap small animals for food instead of hunting which is time-consuming.

How to Make a Propane Tank

If you want to heat your home during the long snowstorms and winter blackouts, you can build a propane tank instead of shivering all night.

How to Make Shelf-Stable Bread

The book illustrates how to make food that will last a lifetime without refrigeration. You can make the same bread that Christopher Columbus fed Union soldiers during the civil war.

The only way to communicate after an EMP

You can receive signals from miles away using your CB car radio. When an EMP happens, communication will be affected, and the only way to access information is by transforming your CB car into a transmitter.

The SHTF Medicinal Garden You Should Have in Your Garden

If you have a small piece of land sitting around, you can add a SHTF medicinal garden. Keep your family safe by surviving by using natural plants and herbs that have medicinal value

The Most Powerful 40 Remedies You Can Find in the Wild

We all need home remedies in case of the unexpected. The book provides the most powerful remedies you can find in the wild or near your home. It provides pictures, colors, and names of plants and herbs

DIY Harmless Pest Traps that Work

You can get rid of pests without killing them using the DIY plastic bottle traps in the book. The project uses the simplest materials, such as dishwashing liquid, to eliminate fruit flies.

PVC Hand pump for Tapping into the Fresh Water under Your Property

Building a PVC hand pump can be built if electric water pumps stop working. The PVC hand pump can be used to pump water daily

How to Make a Scalable Self-Sustaining Greenhouse

You can grow extra food in your compound using the self-sustaining greenhouse. The greenhouse provides shelter and warmth when the outside temperature is not conducive for plants.

A Small Hydro Generator to Give You Electricity Day and Night

You can rely on water energy to give you electricity during tough times. The author teaches how to make a small water generator for power supply in your home.

Benefits of No Grid Survival Projects

  • The book enables users to generate electrify when there are blackouts
  • You can create weapons for self-defense in your home
  • You can rely on food that doesn’t require refrigeration
  • With No Grid Projects, you can filter water for home use
  • No Grid Projects provides home remedies to prevent infections and diseases


  • All the projects in the book are simple
  • No Grid Projects are not time-consuming
  • The book provides over 70 DIY projects
  • The book contains sketches, pictures, and illustrations
  • The book provides all the necessary information, including material pricing, the exact quantity, and where to purchase
  • Some projects are built using recycled items


  • The No Grid Projects is available on the official website
  • Getting the projects requires dedication and the following attention to details

Pricing and Money-back Guarantee

You can add No Grid Projects on your bookshelf by purchasing on the official website. The prices are:

  • Physical book + digital + videos + members area access at $37 + $9.99 in shipping;
  • Digital Book at $37

The author offers free bonuses, which include:

  • How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way
  • How to Make an Herbal Apothecary
  • 75 Items You Need to Stockpile before a Collapse

Pay for No Grid Projects via Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard. You can try No Grid Survival Projects for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied, you can get a refund and keep the book.


No Grid Survival Projects is one of the books that everyone must have. The book provides all the necessary information to complete projects that will save you the money you spend on food, electricity, water, and medicine. Suppose you are not motivated to do any DIY projects; you can buy the book and keep it in your house. With the book, you can completely live off-grid.