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New beginnings blossom at The Hawthorn at Elim Village

How one Hawthorn couple found balance in retirement
Anne sitting in the foyer of The Hawthorn, surrounded by the things she loves most—flowers!

Spring is the month for new beginnings and fresh perspectives. For two residents at The Hawthorn at Elim Village Garrison Crossing, Chilliwack, this time last year indeed brought some much-needed change in their perspectives on what retirement living has to offer.

Anne and her husband, Louie, had two different visions for what an ideal retirement looked like. Anne longed for quiet days spent socializing with others her age and focusing on her passion for flowers, while Louie was eager to continue caring for his cattle at their daughter’s farm nearby. Since moving to The Hawthorn, they’ve enjoyed the best of both worlds.

“Before moving to The Hawthorn, I had dizzy spells and was seeing the doctor,” Anne reflects. “It was around then that we thought maybe it was time to consider a different lifestyle. Often, if you don’t feel great, you don’t go out—I didn’t want that to happen.”

Left to right: Don, Anne, and Millie enjoy the sunshine and beautiful flowers onsite

Since moving to The Hawthorn, Anne has felt a renewed sense of independence. “If we had known retirement was this much fun, we would have done it sooner!” she shares.

“I thought I would miss cooking but ha! not in this lifetime,” Anne adds. “I haven’t peeled a potato since moving, and Chef Todd is one of my favourite people. Not only because of his amazing food, but his personality as well. In fact, there isn’t one staff member in the whole building that isn’t nice.”

Anne also has more time for her hobbies, such as arranging flowers. She often spends time admiring the landscape and gardens at Elim Village Garrison Crossing.

“I’ve always been into flowers and gardening,” she says. “I love visiting Holland during the spring to see Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest gardens.” Anne’s experiences in Holland led to a conversation with Elim Village’s gardener, Don, about tulips.

“A few of us wanted to see an addition of tulips to the gardens, and Don was able to plant an entire cart for us,” says Anne. “He does an A+ job on the gardens, always!”

Flowers blooming at Elim Village Garrison Crossing—a sign that spring is here!

Anne isn’t alone in her love for flowers and gardening. Millie, an Independent Living resident at Garrison Crossing, adds, “I gardened all the time before I moved to Elim Village, so I love being able to help with gardening here. Don and I are gardening buddies, and the container garden I have here makes me so happy!”

After moving to Elim Village Garrison Crossing, residents like Anne and Millie have experienced many gains. “I didn’t lose my independence, I increased it!” Anne exclaims. “It has felt like home right from the start.”

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