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Celebrate the magic of captivating live performances in Chilliwack this March

Ballet Victoria breathes new life into Bram Stoker’s gothic novel, Dracula, coming to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre March 22.

Push boundaries and dive into the arts at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre this March with an array of fantastic shows!

From a celestial journey through the solar system with Holst’s The Planets to the exploration of generational differences in Made in Italy to the entwining of a love and horror story in Ballet Victoria’s Dracula, The Centre will ignite your imagination!

On March 18, the Bergmann Duo return to The Centre for a fantastical performance of Gustav Holst’s celestial masterpiece, The Planets. Performed on two pianos, this beloved classical program showcases the Duo’s expressive dynamic and unmatched skill.

From the majestic and powerful sounds of Mars, the Bringer of War, to the ethereal beauty of Venus, the Bringer of Peace, the Bergmann Duo will transport you on a cosmic journey through the vastness of space.

Combining wit, charm and nostalgia, the Vancouver Arts Club’s performance of Made in Italy will be an evening of heartwarming laughter and reminiscing.

Vancouver Arts Club’s Made in Italy will offer an evening of heartwarming laughter and reminiscing March 19.

On March 19, this musical coming-of-age story explores the complexities of family relationships as a father and son navigate the challenges of life. Francesco Mantini, a second-generation Italian teen, struggles to find his place in Jasper, Alberta, while his father Salvatore tries to give Francesco the best life he can as a promise to his late wife.

Set against a backdrop of hauntingly beautiful costumes and an energetic mix of classical ballet and contemporary dance, Ballet Victoria reimagines the story of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. On March 22, Ballet Victoria breathes new life into the classic gothic novel, creating a sensory feast that combines the athleticism of ballet with the allure of the supernatural.

Rather than focusing on the traditional story’s grisly aspects, the ballet emphasizes the inherent sensuality of the story and uses the story as a metaphor for peoples’ choices. This gripping story of lost love will pull you into a world of intrigue!

Celebrate the world of captivating performances, unforgettable experiences and the magic of live performances at The Centre with these stunning shows!

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