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5 reasons why private security brings peace of mind

Finding creative solutions to keep your Chilliwack commercial property safe and protected
Keeping your property safe and secure with a 24/7 monitoring program can be part of the customized security program created for you by Fusion Security in Chilliwack.

Keeping your commercial building and adjacent areas safe for clients, staff and visitors is an important part of owning or operating a property.

Given the unpredictable nature of criminal activity or unwanted visitors, and the inability for police to be everywhere all the time, many commercial operators in Chilliwack are taking steps to better protect their people and property, says Harry Stausgaard, vice-president and co-founder with Bruce Marginson of Fusion Security in 2005.

“Sometimes it comes down to what we call ‘target hardening,’ where you’re making your business less of a target,” he says. “We work with clients to build a program customized for their needs. We look at various ways to secure and protect their properties, keeping in mind that no one solution fits every problem.”

Whether your concerns are over individuals trespassing on or inappropriately using your property, vandalism, theft or some combination of activities, a multi-faceted approach can work to create a sense of security, Stausgaard says.

Here’s 5 reasons to consider a customized security plan:

  1. Remote monitoring can save on costs – Having camera feeds watched 24/7 from a central monitoring station can help avoid unnecessary false alarm costs, as well as provide you with timely identification of unwanted onsite activities.
  2. Experts in electronics – Trained technicians are up to date on the latest in electronic security and surveillance systems and will not only install the equipment but provide ongoing maintenance and support.
  3. Eyes on your property – An integrated plan includes proactive and comprehensive mobile patrol and security response services. Not only will you have off-site electronic monitoring, Fusion Security staffers will inspect your property to ensure everything is secure, and report what they find via email.
  4. Assessments a good start – If your security needs have changed or your existing system isn’t working, Fusion will assess your security risks and make recommendations for an effective, integrated program.
  5. Professional representation – Fusion’s onsite security personnel are like an extension of your business when you’re not there and they take that responsibility seriously. While they work to ensure your property is secure, they’re also trained to treat people they may encounter with respect and dignity, Stausgaard says. “We’re able to deliver on the security requirements while still remaining cognizant of the fact that we are part of the community,” he says.

As one of B.C.’s largest security firms, Fusion is well equipped to provide a wide range of products and services to suit your needs, which makes them unique in the industry. They not only provide the right ‘mix’ of products and services, they’re able to ensure the components in your security program work together in a cost-efficient and effective way.

With experience monitoring commercial environments from downtown Vancouver to downtown Chilliwack, they’re well versed in creating customized solutions that can work for you. They invite you to contact them about your security needs, by phone at 604-647-6470 or email at You can also follow the latest news on Facebook.