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Magic show brings smiles to Chilliwack

Lorena and Trevor Watters bring their Comedy Magic Show to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on March 19.
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Lorena and Trevor Watters bring their Comedy Magic Show to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on March 19.

Experience magic with a delightful touch with the award-winning and sensational Trevor and Lorena Watters Comedy Magic Show on Mar. 19.

Offering an exciting brand of comedy magic entertainment like no other, Trevor and Lorena possess a vibrant, eccentric, and quirky dynamic that fills their performances with character and flair.

The two met while studying at Douglas College back in 2003. Lorena was an actress, and Trevor, who had years of experience in magic, was learning stage craft. Within a year, they brought the best of their expertise together to create top-notch comedic magic performances, and have been performing side-by-side ever since.

"We love the banter, and the chemistry that we have on stage," Trevor told The Progress, which is made easier by the fact that this duo are husband and wife.

Like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, they amusingly blend cute wisecracks and clever remarks with slapstick comedy and magical moments.

While many magicians are known for building a dramatic, serious stage presence, Trevor and Lorena are more silly in their approach.

"We enjoy the comedy because that's what fits our character. We like to bring our own personalities out on stage and have a good time, which makes it more entertaining for the audience as well," Trevor explained.

They have been taking their audiences on a roller coaster of hilarity and magic for over a decade now. Travelling across North America, regularly stopping in Los Angeles and Las Vegas venues, they show off their skills at festivals, fairs, television spots and headlining slots.

"It's like travelling and working with your best friend," Trevor said. And they're building quite the reputation while they're at it.

Although they currently call Surrey "home," they've wowed audiences and earned accolades from across the globe.

Back in 2010, they competed against eight other countries worldwide for the coveted Siegfried and Roy 'Golden Lion's Head' award, which they proudly brought back home to Canada after a win at the World Magic Seminar in Vegas.

A few years later they took home the North American Champions of Stage Magic award from the FISM (the International Federation of Magic Societies) competition in 2014.

Today, this couple continues to strive to bring exciting unique entertainment to audiences like no other entertainer can.

The show will be jam packed with grand illusions and funny, magical moments, sure to surprise and delight all who attend. Be prepared for enchanted birds, wands, tricky hats and playing cards, and perhaps, a woman cut in half.

Trevor and Lorena are known for incorporating audience interaction into their family-friendly shows as well.  "We bring a lot of people up on stage," Trevor explained. Children, parents, grandparents - they're all welcome to join the fun of the show.

"If you're looking for a fun time, where you're going to see awesome magic and laugh all night, come on out," he enthused.

Trevor and Lorena's Comedy Magic Show hits the stage at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre (9201 Corbould St) on March 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $29 for adults, or $50 for a family of four. Tickets are available at the Centre Box Office, online at, or by phone at 604-391-SHOW.

Learn more about the show at

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