Inez heats up Echo Room Friday night

Inez is thrilled to be hosting a CD release party Friday, Sept. 28 at Echo Room for her latest album, Burn Me Down.

They don’t call her a powerhouse for nothing.

Chilliwack pop star Inez Jasper is thrilled to be hosting a CD release party Friday night at Echo Room for her latest album, Burn Me Down.

The show at Echo is actually the first local late-night gig for adults Inez has performed in a while.

“I’m so excited to do the show at Echo on Friday! It’s a perfect way to end the #storytellingthroughmusic tour.

“It will be hype to perform for a hometown audience,” she tells The Progress.

The release party will celebrate 10 sizzling tracks off the new CD, which moves her decidedly into dance territory, with guests Fawn Wood and Jon-­C and traditional singing by Inez’s cousin, Big Phil.

“The album is a reflection of how much work I’ve been putting into my career and the amazing support I have from my family, friends and fans.

“Burn Me Down” takes the listener on a journey through song with uplifting beats and strong inspiring messages.

“With this new music I’m working to crossover,” she confides.

She may be a dance/pop star with a penchant for R&B and hiphop, but she also makes a point of sharing the First Nations culture she grew up with, and often incorporates traditional singing and drumming in her tunes.

The Progress reported in April how Inez was incensed during the video shoot for the first single, Dancin’ on the Run, when a noise complaint from neighbours about the loud drumming brought police out to the Skowkale reserve.

The life-affirming music video, directed by filmmaker Cowboy Smithx, is like an anthem to cultural survival. The video has Inez and friends on the run from the Indian Agent, an evil figure in black who catches them drumming and singing during the Potlatch ban. They run to celebrate their vibrant culture, despite the efforts of the colonizers to wipe it out.

Inez grew up playing the fiddle with her Metis grandfather, and learning traditional Sto:lo dances and songs. She was recognized in 2008 as a National Aboriginal Role Model by the (NAHO) in Ottawa for her contributions.

Since releasing her album Singsoulgirl, Inez has appeared at events from coast to coast including the Aboriginal Tourism BC Awards, Native Rocks at Winnipeg’s Pyramid Cabaret and a headlining performance at AMP Camp (Canada’s prestigious Aboriginal Music Program), not to mention feature spots on national television programs like Beyond Words.

Inez is exceptionally busy inspiring young people. The pop star has been visiting several of the 14 Chilliwack schools across School District #33 this fall.

The school series is called Storytelling Through Music Tour and Inez is accompanied by her four dancers, Flavour Shop. who flew out from Toronto to support her.

There are only a few school shows left which unfortunately are not open to the public. Here’s what’s up:

• Sept. 25 – AD Rundle, Vedder Elem

• Sept. 26 – Sardis Senior, Robertson

• Sept. 27 – Promontory, Bernard

• Sept. 30 – Watson, Tyson

Inez, Burn Me Down CD release party at the Echo Room on Friday Sept 27, 9 p.m., show at 11. Tickets $10 at the door.