Good Ol’ Goats captures the alt-folk sound

Young, six-piece alt-folk band Good Ol' Goats performs at the Acoustic Emporium on March 25.



Starting their journey in a music room in high school, The Good Ol’ Goats have fine-tuned their initial discovery of folk into a clever, matured alternative style beyond their years.

With the revival of folk in today’s music scene, a new generation of fans is eager to discover what folk has to offer. The Cranbrook-based Good Ol’ Goats have stepped in, leaving the typical folk stereotype behind, reaching a new level to get amped up about.

The Goats growing sound boasts instrumental additions such as the dobro and the trumpet, and lyrics that focus on people and their emotions. You can hear the range and passion in their array of songs with pieces that have haunting harmonies and achingly beautiful lyrics, and others that will have your feet stomping and hands clapping.

This six-piece alternate folk band has grown greatly over the last year, they’ve gained and lost members and have transformed their sound time and time again. Nonetheless their purpose stays the same: to create music that embodies their own feelings towards music, a feeling of family and community.

Telling stories of coming of age in a basement jamming with a bass, holidays surrounded by family gathered around a guitar, Pink Floyd CDs and school choirs, music is in these young men and women’s blood and bones.

The Goats have had the chance to play with bands like Scenic Route to Alaska, Shred Kelly, and The Great Lake Swimmers. The band took second place in CBC’s nationwide Searchlight Contest and won Best Roots and Blues Album in the Kootenay Music Awards.

With a bright future ahead of them, The Good Ol’ Goats continue to acknowledge their front porch folk roots, while bringing their own alternative spin to the genre. The one thing that will never change for this band is their love to play music, and even more, their love to connect and show their fans a good time.

They bring their youthful, high-energy bluegrass sound to Chilliwack at the Acoustic Emporium (45892 Wellington Ave) on Friday, March 25 at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m., tickets are $10 at the door.

Visit for a preview of their debut album The Train.