Glen Ringdal

Glen Ringdal

Art wall in Chilliwack designed with safety message

Chilliwack art wall project is part of the FVBIA's Pay It Forward program, focused on Health and Wellness for Acquired Brain Injury.

A colourful mural conveying a strong safety message is about to grace a northeast wall of Prospera Centre.

About 25 members of the Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association will be painting scenes of physical activity this summer, with an emphasis on both health and safety.

The art work will proceed under the direction of local artist John Le Flock and photographer Stephan Baker.

The artists, who are all survivors of acquired brain injury, have so far completed four panels that will act as a design guide for the giant mural, which will eventually cover more than 200 square feet of the building.

“We are thrilled to launch this fantastic project,” said FVBIA executive director Carol Paetkau on Tuesday.

Plans for the mural started in May, and it should be completed by August, she said.

Prospera Centre CEO Glen Ringdal invited Chilliwackians to come take a look at the art work when it’s done, and appreciate all the talent and hard work that’s gone into it.

“I also hope they take away a message of hope,” he said.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to provide a canvas for these artists to give such an important message to our community.”

Mayor Sharon Gaetz praised the art wall project and noted that sometimes “beauty can come from tragedy.”

The mayor also commented on the poignancy of the safety message.

“It’s very moving to me,” she told the small crowd. “Just the fact that the artists recognize how important it is to protect your noggin.”

Every figure depicted in the mural engaged in a potentially dangerous physical activity is wearing a protective helmet of some kind.

“That sends a strong message,” Gaetz said.

The art wall project is part of the FVBIA’s Pay It Forward program, focused on Health and Wellness for Acquired Brain Injury.