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PHOTOS: People share their messages of support as part of Chilliwack Progress ‘Hope for…’ initiative

‘Hope for 2021’ and ‘Hope for everyone’ are some readers’ submissions for the campaign

Hope is the backbone of our survival and the core of our strength. It is the very thing that keeps us moving forward in these challenging times.

With this in mind, the Chilliwack Progress launched the “Hope For…” initiative on April 30.

It takes the concept of love and support introduced through the hearts in the window campaign and the 7 p.m. nightly frontline pot banging, and it takes it a step further.

We’re asking residents of Chilliwack to tell us who or what they’re hoping for, praying for, or thinking of during these difficult times.

Maybe it’s an elderly family member or relative distanced for safety reasons. Maybe it’s a group of first responders or health care professionals out on the front lines risking their lives to keep us healthy and safe. Or maybe it’s a child who has curled themselves inside your heart by filling your neighbourhood with inspirational chalk art drawings.

Whomever, or whatever, it may be, we’re asking you to put the name on our special page you’ll find inside the April 30 print edition of the Chilliwack Progress. Then we want you to take that message of hope and tape it to your front window for all to see.

We’re all in need of a little hope right now. Many of us are suffering through mental, physical and financial hardship because of the virus. If ever we needed to come together and support each other, it’s now.

The “Hope For…” initiative runs over the next several weeks and is intended to foster a further show of support for our fellow Chilliwackians. Let’s make Chilliwack trend as a community full of true love and hope.

We’d also love to have you take a photo of you or your family holding your sign, and email that photo to us so we can share your sentiment with the world.

Send your “Hope For…” photo via email to (please put Hope For… in the subject line) or share on the Chilliwack Progress Facebook page.