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Museum offers free membership to Chilliwack newcomers

The Chilliwack Museum is offering free one-year memberships to newcomers to help them connect with Chilliwack's history.
The Chilliwack Museum is offering free one-year memberships to newcomers to Chilliwack.

The vision of the Chilliwack Museum and Archives is to “connect people with Chilliwack’s history.”

They achieve this through exhibits, publications, programs for students and the public, online interaction and more.

Now, the Chilliwack Museum and Archives are opening their doors wide, offering one-year memberships free of charge to all those who have made Chilliwack their home over the past twelve months.

“We know that many people are moving to Chilliwack and making this community their new home,” said Matthew Francis, Executive Director of the Chilliwack Museum and Archives.

Approximately 1400 newcomers moved to Chilliwack last year, a trend which is likely to continue.

“We would like the Museum and Archives to be a place of connection where people can learn about the city – with its diverse stories, people, and experiences,” Francis added.

“Chilliwack is a community of villages – with each distinct area having its own unique character. From Rosedale to Yarrow and each neighbourhood in between, Chilliwack has a rich history that is worth exploring. You can do that here at the Museum and Archives.”

A membership allows people to take in current exhibits like Game On! The Evolution of Sports in Chilliwack, or to experience upcoming exhibits like Photography: From Obscura to App, opening in September.

All those who have settled in Chilliwack within the past twelve months are invited to visit the Museum (45820 Spadina Ave.), to claim their complimentary one-year membership.

Newcomers to the city can also sign up online at, using the promotional code “chwk1957.” Membership covers Museum admission, as well as discounts on select products and services.