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Cultus Lake development survey draws strong response

The second draft of the PlanCultus document has been reviewed by the public. Survey results are being compiled.
PlanCultus draft two has been reviewed by the public

The future plan for Cultus Lake continues to develop.

The collaborative plan outlines proposed land uses to help guide the next 20 years of development at Cultus Lake Park. It is being created by the Cultus Lake Park Board (CLPB) and the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD), with public consultation at each stage.

July's 'Planners in the Park' event invited the community to review the second draft of the PlanCultus document and provide feedback in a survey.

In the draft, potential changes include an expansion of the Village Centre to include main-floor commercial space and up to 120 apartments above, a residential expansion of up to 40 homes around the golf course, a 10 per cent expansion to the Sunnyside Campground, a low-impact "ecotourism" recreation area, and a modest-sized hotel. See the future land use map below.

"We had a tremendous response to the survey: 584 responses," said Margaret Thornton, Director of Planning and Development at FVRD. The FVRD does not have results to share at this time as the data is currently being analyzed.

Thornton stresses that this document "is a long-term plan, not a development application." Once PlanCultus is finalized, it will be considered for adoption by the CLPB.

The next steps are to compile and report the survey results, review with the Future Plan Advisory Committee and the CLPB, and to begin work on the third draft.

The community will again be invited to provide input on the next draft when it is prepared. Visit to view the draft and learn more.


Potential Future Land Use Map