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Meet the electrifying Hummer EV

Humvee fans owe thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger
The GMC HUMMER EV SUV completes the HUMMER EV family and features a 126.7-inch wheelbase for tight proportions and a maneuverable body, providing remarkable on- and off-road capability. Photo courtesy GMC

By Keith Morgan

Hummer super truck fans have good reason to thank action movie star and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When he was filming Kindergarten Cop in 1990, he fell in love with the vehicle when he saw the U.S. military driving Hummers in a convoy.

Schwarzenegger then began his campaign to urge General Motors to produce a civilian version. GM was toying with the idea already but Arnie pushed them into action.

The Humvee, as it was called, hit the dealerships in 1992

but the gas-guzzler was

gone by 2010.

The nameplate returned in the 2022 model year, as an electric pickup truck and SUV.

Both will be on display at the Vancouver International Auto Show.

Each model features extreme off-road versions alongside standard equipment trims.

The Hummer is powered by three electric engine units generating around 850 horsepower. The regular version promises a range of 505 kilometres and 479 for the extreme edition.

Around $90,000 will get you into a base pickup and $110,000 and SUV.

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