Workshop teaches physical literacy

A six hour workshop on March 24 will lay out a plan for teaching physical literacy to children.

The City of Chilliwack, University of the Fraser Valley and PacificSport Fraser Valley are co-hosting a Physical Literacy Workshop Mar. 24 at Evergreen Hall.

Parents, coaches, teachers, recreation staff, child and youth workers, early education educators and volunteers are welcome to attend.

These ‘physical participation mentors’ will learn how to create games that help develop fundamental movement skills.

According to the workshop pamphlet, just as children need to be taught to read and write, they need to be taught how to run, jump and throw.

The workshop runs six hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. It will be guided by a recreation and coaching professional who will teach participants how to create games that help develop fundamental skills and enhance the development of physical literacy.

The cost is $25, which includes a lunch.

Call 604-746-0604 to pre-register or get more info from Eric Sinker at PacificSport Fraser Valley. Send emails to