Wierks helps Cascades maul Mountaineers

Chilliwack's Sarah Wierks was a two way force as the University of the Fraser Valley dumped visiting Schreiner University.

The University of the Fraser Valley Cascades women’s basketball team defeated the Schreiner University Mountaineers 76-47 Tuesday, completing a two-game sweep of NCAA preseason opponents.

The Cascades downed the Ball State University Cardinals, 60-57 on Monday.

Their margin of victory against Schreiner U was the largest UFV has ever enjoyed against NCAA competition.

UFV came out flying, quickly building a 10 point lead while keeping the Mountaineers off the board until the five minute mark of the first quarter.  UFV led by as much as 20 points in the first stanza and sailed into halftime with an 18 point cushion.

The Cascades turned up the D in the third quarter, holding their Texas opponents to just four points.

Chilliwack’s Sarah Wierks was a force for UFV, draining 12 points and pulling down nine rebounds.

Another Chilliwackian, Kayli Sartori, had 11 points.

Mission’s Aieisha Luyken led the Cascades with 17 points.

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