Valley Shidokan shines

Chilliwack’s Valley Shidokan hosted the 2011 Japanese Karate Association-B.C. Tournament at Vedder middle school this past weekend.

Participants from JKA dojos across the province competed in traditional kata, kumite and team kata events.  Students competed in a very traditional format which focused strongly on correct technique and form.

Judging some of the events was Hirayama Sensei, sixth Dan, visiting from JKA headquarters.

“She seemed very pleased with the tournament and the quality of the traditional karate here in B.C.,” said Valley Shidokan Sensei Don Sharp.  “The ability of these young people to shine under pressure is an inspiration to me and all our instructors who have worked with them.”

Payton Brandesma won both the girls nine-and-under kata and kumite while Alexander Charlton did the same in the boys nine-and-under novice division. Kai Stackhouse took top spot in kata in the nine-and-under boys intermediate group, with Jack Robertson grabbing the kumite title.

Lara Winkless finished first in kata and kumite in the 12-and-under girls intermediate-advanced division.

Nik Charlton (kata) and Jacob Maud (kumite) split the boys 12-and-under advanced division.

Zach Charlton swept the teen boys advanced division, with Tanya Waldock doing the same in the ladies novice group.

Amanda Kereliuk took the kata title in ladies intermediate-advanced, with Nassira Diarra taking gold in kumite.

Ian Robertson nabbed the kata and kumite titles in men’s intermediate-advanced. Salvina Sharp (kata) and Tammy Miller (kumite) split the ladies black-belt division. Mike Gemelas (kata) and Paul Atkins (kumite) split the men’s black belt group.