Toth cracks top 50 at Ironman Arizona

The Chilliwack triathlete was the 39th fastest man in the field and finished 42nd in the entire field of 2393.

Two Chilliwackians tackled the Ironman Arizona race in late November.

Anthony Toth competed in the men’s pro division while Robert Higgins raced in the men’s 50-54 group.

Toth finished 42nd overall and was the 39th fastest man with times of 56:20 in the swim, 4:43:22 in the bike and 3:17:52 in the run.

Higgins placed 2086th overall, finishing the swim in 1:27:33, the bike in 7:00:58 and the run in 16:05:07.

2393 people participated in the race, 1672 men and 720 women.