Retief rolls at Sardis Strongman

Louis Retief edged Marshall Anderson to take the men's heavyweight crown at last week's Sardis Strongman competition.

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Louis Retief took the men’s heavyweight title at the Sardis Strongman event, held last week at Sardis secondary school. Retief, Marshall Anderson and Raphael Olivares finished 1-2-3 in that division.

Perry Ross was fourth, just one point out of third.

Cohen Bogart topped the men’s middleweight division, followed by Anthony Stephenson and Torbin Kuhr.

Connor Vivian was fourth, just three points out of third.

Connor Lovely took the men’s lightweight title, with Sam Sutter second and Joey Campbell third. Bryce Cairns was fourth, just one point out of third.

The men’s flyweight title went to Tanner Olsen, who finished 10 points clear of runner up Sean Byrne.

Mike Friesen was third.

On the women’s side Tori Kuhn took the middleweight crown with 32 points, two clear of Shanna Fortnum.

Sarah Muxlow was third.

Noelle Young took the flyweight title with 32 points, one better than Kaylee Muxlow.

Mia Harries was third.

Beyond Nutrition sponsored the event.