Local fighter traveling far to find foe

With her southpaw stance scaring off local competition, teenage boxer Shalynn Holdsworth is going to Missouri to find a fight.

Chilliwack boxer Shalynn Holdsworth is taking her gloves to Missouri for the Ringside World Championships, taking place July 29 to August 3 in Independence.

The biggest amateur boxing tournament in the world includes 1500+ bouts in 62 different divisions.

Shalynn turns 15 on July 6 and is registering in the 132-pound 15-16 year old female division. The teen is 6-0 with three knockouts in her young career. As a southpaw who leads with her left hand, she has had tons of trouble finding matches against local fighters.

Her aggressive style and southpaw stance has eliminated everyone in her division in this province, and down as far as Tacoma, Washington,” said her father and coach, Keith Holdsworth. “It’s time for her to step up now, after seven years of sharpening her skills, and see where she stands.”

She has no idea who she’ll fight, or how many bouts she’ll have.

It’s an open tournament, and she has to be prepared to fight anyone from anywhere in her division.

The cost of this trip is fairly significant,” Keith added. “So we will be looking for sponsors or donations. We also have a fundraiser dinner event scheduled for July 20 at Friendly Mikes.”

Shalynn represents Chilliwack’s Four Directions Martial Arts.

Call Keith at 604-316-2409 for more info.