Grizzlies end spring camp with wins

GW Graham's new high school football team faced live bullets for the first time, winning games over Abby Collegiate and Langley.

The newly formed Graham Grizzlies high school football team played two exhibition games Friday to conclude their two-week spring camp.

The Grizzlies downed the Abbotsford Collegiate Panthers 12-0 in the first game, with touchdowns from running back Treyvon Walsh and receiver Josh Lecher.

GWG followed that with a 30-6 beating of the Langley secondary school Saints, with majors coming from quarterback Kirkland Kennedy, Phillip Westin, Billy Hanson, Lecher and Walsh.

The Grizzlies ran an effective spread offence behind great protection from linemen Michael Lengert, Dakota Mathers and Braydon Winger. The GWG defence was led by Cyrus Tommy with several tackles and Ben Pretty with an interception.

GWG plays its first game Sept. 1 in Colton, Oregon.