Green Fighter shaving head for niece

Carolyn Putt has won half of the Kin's Green Fighters weekly challenges so far.

Six weeks into the Kin’s Green Fighters Challenge, Chilliwack’s Carolyn Putt is making it look easy.

She’s won three of the six weekly challenges, including last weekend’s daffodil pin sale. Putt raked in $342, all of it going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“So many people were so generous in their donations,” Putt said. “An old neighbour gave $100 for her pin, and my two nephews and niece (with some prompting from mum and dad I assume) donated all their pop can recycling money, $34.”

Putt now gladly follows through on a pledge she made last week.

“In honour of my niece, Lilee-Jean, and her newly growing hair, if I sell more pins and raise more money than the other Greenfighters I will very happily shave my head,” she promised.

On Tuesday afternoon, Putt got a text from her sister that read, ‘Say bye to ur hair!’

“The guys at my work are planning on doing it for me and I’m quite excited, but also quite nervous,” Putt said. “I’m nervous about the reactions of people around me, and this should be a good exercise in learning to not worry so much about what other people think. Plus, hopefully it will be a good conversation starter and give me the chance to share Lilee-Jean’s story with more people.”

The healthy-living side of the Kin’s Green Fighters Challenge has been more difficult of late, with Putt lacking motivation.

She’s still going to the gym.

But the attention to diet detail has slipped slightly.

“I’m still eating healthy, aside a scrumptious pulled pork dinner on Saturday, followed by a chocolate oreo cake,” she laughed. “But I actually feel like my life over the last week or two is more like something I could actually stick to once the challenge is over. So I guess that’s a good thing.”

Putt’s success has turned into another obstacle to be overcome.

She dusted the competitition in the Easter challenge, coming up with the best ideas for a healthier weekend.

Her prize?

A gift card to COBS Bread.

“This may actually be a conspiracy to bring me down, as I absolutely love their cinnamon buns,” she chuckled. “And $75 could buy a whole lot of them!”

The Kin’s Green Fighters Challenge gathers 13 contestants from Lower Mainland communities, challenging them to live healthier lives.

Each contestant receives a support package of over $2,000 in value that includes free fruits and veggies, free nutrition consultation, free personal training consultation and a free gym membership.

Fitness testing was done before week one. The contestant showing the most improvement after week 13 wins a cruise for two to a sunny destination.