Goal-starved PCSL women edged by Action

Chilliwack's reserve women's Pacific Coast Soccer League team is doing everything well, except scoring goals and winning games.

It’s just four games into the PCSL reserve women’s season, and Chilliwack coach Glenn Wilson doesn’t want to panic just yet. But one problem has been apparent as his team has played to four straight losses.

No finish.

His goaltending has been great.

His defence has been stingy.

His midfield has controlled the play and his front line has created chances.

But goals have been hard to come by.

The team lost 2-1 to the Fraser Valley Action Saturday, with Kate Smith collecting the only Chilliwack goal.

By Wilson’s estimate, his team had the ball for 70 per cent of the game and had chances aplenty.

“The problem right now is that we’re not turning that possession into goals,” Wilson said. “In the games we’ve played so far, I don’t think our opponents, from front to back, are any better than we are. But the finish isn’t there.”

In a different league with a longer season and more playoff berths available, Wilson might have time to ride it out and wait for the offence to click.

But with zero points on the board and only four postseason spots available in a nine-team circuit, patience is a luxury he can’t afford.

“Points are so important in this league, where the first game is just as important as the last,” he said. “We don’t have the opportunity to give it time.”

With a road game tonight against the North Shore Stars, Wilson has decided to experiment.

“We play a 4-4-2 with two strikers, and sometimes it’s a case of those two not clicking,” he said. “You need them to have a good sense of each other, and our combos haven’t hit it off.”

So, new combos.

Wilson is looking to mix and match, and part of that involves throwing Dariann Kloot into the fray. Kloot has been excellent as a midfielder, and her big right foot could make a difference.

“Right now our shots are weak and they’re not troubling the goalie,” Wilson said. “So we’ll try to get Dariann closer to the goal. She’s not an attack-minded player, but we’ll see if we can get it out of her.”

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