Chilliwack’s Green Light Inline Hockey League launches food bank fundraiser

Chilliwack’s Green Light Inline Hockey League launches food bank fundraiser

The local sports group hopes to raise $5,000 for the food bank and other Salvation Army programs.

Chilliwack’s Green Light Inline Hockey League announced the spring program will be suspended until further notice in an email to membership Wednesday morning.

But that doesn’t mean GLIHL will be inactive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GLIHL owner Josh Schaper has launched a fundraiser for the Chilliwack Food Bank/Salvation Army, challenging his membership to get involved.

“During these times there will be many people in our community that are going to be facing challenges that are new, and they will require more help and support than ever before,” he wrote. “Some of those people will even be within our own group. I would personally like to help where I can and keep the people of our beautiful city happy and healthy during these times.”

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Schaper has set a fundraising goal of $5,000 with 100 per cent of donations going to the cause and a receipt offered for donations of $20-plus.

Get more info by emailing or check out the GLIHL Facebook page.

Operating in Chilliwack since 1924, the Salvation Army offers many different services including the food bank and soup kitchen, outreach work, clothing room and emergency shelters. Last year, the Salvation Army provided over 370 regular food hampers per month through the food bank and over 20,000 meals in the soup kitchen.

Each night 60 men and women have a roof over their heads in Salvation Army emergency shelters.


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