Chilliwack seven earn scholarships through Giants football

Seven players graduating from the midget level will get financial help with post-secondary schooling through Chilliwack Minor Football.

Chilliwack Minor Football handed out scholarships to seven players at a Midget Honors Ceremony Saturday.

Thijs Duineveld was given $2,000.

Cole Wood, Cullen Haughian, Michael Folland, Hunter Larocque, Thomas Heuser and Jaxon Harvey received $1,000 each.

Each year, CMF sets aside up to $10,000 to be distributed. A selection committee formed from members of the CMF executive looks at candidates.

“Having sat on the committee last year I can tell you there  were several things we looked for,” said CMF’s Jenny Harvey. “We looked for the best academic player, someone who has played CMF for a long time and has a definite plan on where he wants to go.”

Duineveld fit the criteria the best.

But with only seven total applications in hand, CMF was able to provide funding to everyone.