BCHL commish Chris Hebb says league will survive the COVID-19 pandemic

BCHL commish Chris Hebb says league will survive the COVID-19 pandemic

While the junior A circuit has asked for financial help, Hebb says it’s a proactive request.

BCHL boss Chris Hebb says the junior A circuit is not in danger of folding due to COVID-19, although the league continues to ask the provincial government for financial aid.

In a letter posted on the BCHL website, Hebb said there is an incorrect perception in some groups that because the league is asking for help, the situation is dire.

“This is entirely false,” he said. “As we’ve mentioned in previous communications, the BCHL will be back on the ice as soon as we get the go-ahead from Hockey Canada and the provincial health authorities. The idea behind our call for financial support is to address the losses that our teams have incurred before they become a major problem down the road. Like everyone else, we eagerly await the day that we can return to the ice in a safe manner.”

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BCHL teams have lost dollars during the pandemic.

Playoffs were cancelled after the first round, with eight teams losing playoff-game revenue. Teams are not able to hold spring and summer camps, which are usually pay-to-play for participants. Hebb said the BCHL is in contact with Hockey Canada and the CJHL every two weeks, trying to figure out what’s next.

“Although there is no set timeline at this moment, we expect to have a clearer picture of where things are headed later this month,” he said.

Hebb added that talks with municipal and provincial government have been productive.

“These discussions have been positive so far and are ongoing. We’re committed to exploring every option to make sure our teams get the support they deserve as important cultural and economic pillars of their communities.”


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