Tycrop has outgrown Roesdale, reader says

The Fraser Valley has set aside plenty of industrial zoned areas for businesses such as Tycrop

Re: Tycrop expansion.

No offence to Tycrop Industry – they are a success in their own right. However it is time to relocate if their expansion plans disrupt the entire community.  The Fraser Valley has set aside plenty of industrial zoned areas for businesses such as Tycrop; it’s zoned industry for a reason.

It shouldn’t be up to us on McGrath South to pay for their short-sightedness; when Tycrop first located to McGrath Road, did they not think, one day they might have to expand?  Did they not wonder where a future expansion would be possible?

‘Toe-holds’ are a pattern I see forming; the more they get in place the harder it will be for the decision-makers to say no; such as, the new rezoning signs erected in Rosedale to accommodate their parking; oh wait, they already put the parking sites in, prior to rezoning.  Improvements are another toe-hold; why after all these years are they concerned about the health and well-being of the neighboring populace? Once they invest all that money into improvements, again, it will make a bigger case for them to take away the farmland on south side of tracks.

If Tycrop is all concerned with the well being of the neighboring community; explain to me how anyone with a conscience can build eight-foot high solid metal fences around people who have been living there for years – Yale Road East between McGrath and the railway, is a disgrace and the City should not have allowed this to happen – for normal residential areas there is a bylaw with how high a neighbor can build a fence and the type of fence – how does Tycrop manage this, let alone feel that this is fair to those living there.

The issues are many, and at the May 24 meeting, Tycrop put on a ‘show’ – an obviously rehearsed song and dance.  Their attempt to dazzle the public with their artist rendition of the future of Tycrop; boggled my mind; with one man spewing predesigned questions and one of the others regurgitating an answer – giving no space for immediate response from the ‘audience’. Mr. T’s repetitive comment about how long he has lived here is laughable; please I out trump him as I am 57 years old, lived in Rosedale my whole life and on McGrath since ’87.  So if we are going to argue like six-year-olds, then so be it – I have been here longer!


Diane C Armitage, life-long resident