Traffic light needed at Keith Wilson and Tyson

I think it’s about time to put a light there, especially with the new UFV campus there.

Why is there no light at the intersection of Keith Wilson and Tyson? There was a bad accident there [Tuesday]. I was driving along Tyson and came to the stop sign to see a serious accident. It made my heart stop, thinking of the poor people involved hoping no one was seriously hurt.

Imagine my feeling of sheer terror to see my brother’s vehicle in the midst of the wreckage and my dad, brother and two-year-old nephew being checked over by paramedics. I pulled over and ran to check if they were OK, they were,  just bumps and bruises. The other car and driver were not so lucky. She was not dead but hurt bad as far as we could see. It turns out she thought the intersection was a 4-way stop and cut out in front of my brother as he was coming down Keith Wilson towards Vedder rd. He had zero time to stop. She was attempting to go across the road to the university.

If there had been a passenger in her car… I don’t even want to say it.

I  think it’s about time to put a light there, especially with the new university campus there. Come on city council, Mayor Sharon Gaetz, whoever the powers to be are… do something. Does someone have to die here to get a light in?

Thanks to all the wonderful police and paramedics who  were on scene, everyone was treated with respect and compassion, they even took extra time to check over my little nephew. One of the police officers helped me root through my groceries to find cookies for my nephew. So thank you to everyone who stopped to help.

I was told that the only way to get a light there is by having the public write letters to the City and Mayor, so if you want to see this intersection get a light or at the very least a 4-way stop  put in. Please write to the city.

R Misener