Teachers deserve better

Teachers take their jobs seriously and to heart. They work to be good mentors and positive examples.

Re: Teachers need to set a good example (Progress, March 7).

I found Tom Brewer’s letter to the editor offensive because I know how hard teachers work, and to see them be discredited like that is upsetting.  I’m not sure what Mr. Brewer’s experience with being a teacher was, but his attitude towards them is appalling.

I believe I have a better idea of what is happening in education today since I am a student, I talk to fellow students, I am taught by teachers, and I am a part of the school environment. I’m currently a student in Chilliwack and I happen to know for a fact that the government is not treating teachers with the respect they deserve for all their hard work. Of course, this means that teachers are going to have to fight for their rights but they are still doing a fine job teaching.

I go to A.D Rundle Middle School which is a great school.  All of the teachers there are incredible. I learn a lot from them.  They have taught me to share my opinions and stand up for things I believe in, like I am doing now. The teachers get involved and understand when someone is having a bad day. They help us, they joke around with students, they take time to actually get to know a little bit about each of us, and most importantly they teach us. This year my percentage in math has gone up due to my teacher’s extra help. My teachers put so much effort into making sure everyone understands the curriculum and they spend countless hours of their own time coming up with new ideas and methods of teaching that may benefit their students.

I can see that you are most likely speaking from personal experience when it comes to kids’ behaviour out in public. But one bad experience does not mean that all youth behave like this nor does it mean the situation was not later handled by the teachers appropriately. If students are not behaving in public and are blocking your path, you could politely ask them to move. I don’t see the problem. Everyone makes mistakes, and perhaps the students didn’t notice they were in your way.

My teachers have been amazing role models for me and have taught me to show simple courtesy, kindness and respect. They have taught many other students these values as well. At my school we have detention and problems are being handled well. I see no lack of discipline or lack of good examples.

I think people should do research and actually know a situation before jumping to conclusions and making uninformed statements. Teachers take their jobs seriously and to heart.  They work to be good mentors and positive examples.

Linda Clarke Harter