Students demonstrate courage

Re: Eyes on the Prize, four-part series in the Chilliwack Progress

I have to tell you that I have been so moved by this series. We so seldom hear of such courage and determination as that which you have shared in these stories. The life of Sebastian White parallels many youngsters but his determination to not give up and settle for what could have been so disastrous to his future touched my heart. It made me want to do something! Something to let him know how proud I am of him.

I don’t know this young man but I congratulate him. And I congratulate you on being able to introduce him to us with your very potent article.

You have shown a depth of feeling for all these young people that you have brought to the attention of your readers and I am looking forward to reading about the fourth one (published May 31) and sorry that it will be the last one. To all those youngsters who struggle with life to such a degree and yet have that sense of hope and the guts to follow their dream, we should be thankful. I hope too, and I pray that their hopes and dreams will be fulfilled as they journey on through their lives.

Thank you for this series and the way you handled it.

Margaret Ballam