Single moms need fair treatment

I write to you to raise awareness of the financial situations that single moms face in Chilliwack. This email is very personal for me because I was raised by a single mom who struggled to pay the bills and to ensure my brother and I  had a home. Luckily she got a good job at the Chilliwack Progress but she still needed assistance with daycare bills. This kind of job opportunity does not happen to a lot of single moms, lots of single moms end up working at low paying jobs just to pay the bills and even then they can’t always do that without extra help.

Anyway, as I was saying, I didn’t really think much about the issue until recently in my social studies class when my teacher told us that the number of female lone parent families was higher than that of male lone parent families. I was downright furious at the fact that single moms lived in poverty more than single dads. Then to make things worse I find out that the reason this happens to single moms is because of unequal pay in the workforce. I want people to realize that this has to stop right now and that employers need to take in consideration their female employees and their financial situations.

Joshua Kettle