Quiz Night brightens the night

The Friends of the Library have big smiles as Quiz Night generated over $2,300.

Remember the foggy October 25th? It was grey when in late afternoon the volunteers of The Friends of the Library entered the building to set up for Quiz Night. Everyone worked hard to get ready in time for that very special evening!

Special it was! Under the guidance of our emcee Community Librarian Smitty Miller the participants got in the spirit of “it’s only a game”! Everyone searched their trivia knowledge to remember authors, spelling, animals, famous twins, singers – and we did sing too.

The competition for the “Smarty Pants Awards” was friendly in a cut-throat way. Each of you left with a book, some lucky ones had a gift basket under their arm, all had a smile. The Friends also have a big smile as Quiz Night generated over $2,300. It will be returned to the community through our libraries.

Did you look up at the sky as you went out?

It was clear!!!! WE did that because nothing could stay gloomy under the cheerful and warm atmosphere that we generated.

To each participant, to the merchants who donated to fill gift baskets, to my super-duper volunteers: “Thank You”.


Claire Bouchard. President

Friends of the Library