Prest Road needs traffic upgrade

As a frequent driver on Prest Road, I have noticed that in recent years the traffic has increased considerably both in size of vehicles, and volume. What once used to be a relatively rural road has now become a hub of traffic at all times of the day and late evening. At certain times, most of the traffic is coming off the highway and using Prest as a major thoroughfare to access Promontory. This is also the situation at other times when streams of traffic are heading onto the highway from Promontory.

Often, large vehicles are in the mix, including double-loaded semis, garbage trucks, heavy construction trucks, as well as haulers for livestock. These vehicles, in particular, are not able to make a right turn at the four-way stops without causing traffic to clear the intersection for them to make a wide-angle turn. At such moments, especially when the weather is inclement, there is no margin for error, putting other traffic at peril, such as sliding into the ditches.

For all intents and purposes, Prest Road should be re-designated for the type of traffic it now must carry. It should be upgraded and then appropriately engineered, perhaps to four lanes, like Evans Road. Prest is also frequented by others, including pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, horse-riders, and I’ve even seen a senior on a motorized scooter. This situation cannot go on. As more people locate to the ever-expanding subdivisions on Promontory the situation on Prest can only get worse – not better – if something is not done.


Alston Lee,