Play a part in your future

The current review of Chilliwack's OCP is a chance to shape the city's direction for years to come. Will you take advantage?

There’s a conversation going on.

Are you part of it?

If not, you are missing out on your chance to discuss the way Chilliwack will take shape in the years ahead.

Want to see more hillside development? Or would you prefer increased density in single family neighborhoods?

Would you like to see more resources spent on fire, police and protective services? Or should those dollars go to road repair and construction?

And what about transit? Good enough, or a work in progress?

Those kinds of issues are being addressed in the review of Chilliwack Official Community Plan. The OCP, first drafted in 1998, is up for review because the city’s population is now nearing 85,000.

There have already been a couple of open houses; more are planned this week. There is also a way to participate online, through surveys and a unique process through the website.

These opportunities weren’t around in 1998.

So the current review process offers an historic chance to have meaningful input in the creation of a document that will set the tone for city councils well into the future.

Granted, there is some flexibility in the interpretation of the OCP; it offers planning guidelines, not intractable rules.

Nonetheless, it forms the foundation for planning and decision making at city hall.

So it’s important the people whose lives will be affected by the OCP have a say on its content.

The choice is simple: Be part of the process now, or complain about the outcome later.

Says Chilliwack city councillor Jason Lum: “Now is the time to be proactive, and offer input to the city about priorities, which is more productive than being reactive down the line.”

We are forever being told government’s don’t listen; that our input means nothing. This is a chance to be heard – to offer your vision of what Chilliwack can be.

Don’t miss it.