‘No such thing as something for nothing’

There are many fine teachers, however the left-wing types appear to becoming the norm.

A very thoughtful article written by Tom Fletcher, “Left wing group think”. There are many fine teachers, however I will stick to the left-wing types who appear to becoming the norm. Education should be exercising and developing the brain, teaching without bias. Shouldn’t teachers, when having shown Al Gore’s film, also explain that the guy is a total hypocrite, using 20 times more energy in his life then the average person. Should they not explain that when talking about money, the word taxpayer should replace government. How about reality: Look maybe your parents are making less then half the money I make but I want them to pay me more. I want to be able to sit with a sick friend and your parents to pay for it. I know I work only eight months of the year and get a gold plated pension, all sorts of benefits and if I’m incompetent, my union protects me from being fired. Hey, I deserve that and really it isn’t about you kids or your parents, its about me, me, me.

And yes if everyone was like me, we would be in dire financial straits, like Greece, but that isn’t my problem.


Joe Vandenberg