Media must do better reporting climate change

Media has not reported near enough information on climate change because they waste time and space with the opinions of quacks.

I’m getting so tired of reading letters from people like Art Daher (“Hot air about global warming” Progress Feb. 14/12) who accuse the media of not reporting fairly on the global warming issue, then rely on totally bias information to support their claims. Mr. Daher, are you not aware that Sun News TV is referred to as “Fox News North” and is headed by Kory Teneycke, who was the Director of Communications and Chief spokesman for Prime Minister Steven Harper? Are you also not aware that “Ethical Oil” was founded by Alykhan Velshi, who surprisingly enough, was the Director of Planning for Stephen Harper’s office. (Do you see a bit of a pattern here?) Did you know that Stephen Harper and his father Joseph, both worked for Imperial oil? Are you not aware that Stephen Harper is a huge supporter of the oil industry? Knowing these facts do you think it might be reasonable to suspect that a program you watch on Sun News might be just a bit biased?

Because of your reliance on biased information, I challenge you to provide the names of the “most respected climatologists, scientists who have pointed out the erroneous information that the global warming politicians have foisted on us.” whom you refer to in your letter. As far as I have read, the legitimate climatologists, who have their work peer reviewed, are pretty much in agreement about global warming. But let’s see who you are relying on for your information, so we can make a fair assessment. I’m betting those scientists you refer to will be as biased as Sun TV.

In my opinion, for what it is worth, the media has not reported near enough information on the peer reviewed science in this area, because they waste time and space with the opinions of quacks and those with hidden agendas.

Lyle Simpson