Looking for the owner of a lost camera

Reader hopes to reunite lost camera with fellow hockey fans.

On February 15, My wife Susie and I went to a Canucks hockey game. Great game, wrong final score. Susie was to the left of me, next to her was a small boy, about eight years old, dark hair, olive skin. With him was a guy about 27-30 years old. Wavey blond hair, medium build. They commented that they were also from Chilliwack. We understood them to be “Big Brother – Little Brother” Not biological speaking. At the end of the game, we discovered they left a camera and case. We have tried to get this camera back to the boy. All pictures on the camera are of the game. No ID in the case. Have spoken with Big Brothers/Big Sisters to no avail. Called the Canucks at Rogers Arena, nada. Even posted on Facebook. I am hoping a reader of your paper might know of someone that went to that game. I would really like to get the camera back to the people that were sitting in seats 113 & 114, row 15, sec 106. Vancouver vs Dallas. They can contact me bob@buhler.net or through HomeLife Realty 604-795-2955.

Bob Buhler