Liberals blamed for election sign damage

You have now elected a government where the “Evil Capitalist Hordes” are not only at the gates, they are in the city

Many people have wondered if the recent Liberal negative advertising had much to do with the Liberal victory. I believe that it was crucial to their victory.

Early in the campaign, Liberals brought up the old W.A.C. Bennett reference to the “Socialist Hordes at the Gates”. This campaign worked well for Bennett forty-four years ago and it worked for Christy Clark.

Other Liberals compared Adrian Dix to either Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez; and constant references were made to the “terrible” nineties of the NDP. It literally amazes me that some people can be influenced by such propaganda.

Meanwhile, while the Liberals were pushing their “Fear” tactics; Adrian Dix asked his charges to take the high road and not resort to such hypocritical tactics. What were the results? People fell hook, line and sinker for this idiotic strategy and Dix lost out.

Here in Chilliwack, I was more focused on the rampant Liberal destruction of NDP signs.

How do I know that Liberals were responsible for the dozens of NDP signs destroyed?

It’s simple: when NDP signs are destroyed or vandalized across the city and adjacent Liberal signs go untouched- who else?

Cases in point for these destructions were the four larger signs on Evans road that were run over repeatedly by a farm tractor. These instances were witnessed and the RCMP were contacted. Nothing to my knowledge was done about this? Other acts of vandalism occurred on South Sumas and Tyson, on Stevenson and Higginson and on Prest Road.

Similar destruction of both Conservative and NDP signs occurred in the 2012 by-election. These are the sort of people that 25 per cent of the voters voted for- securing the Liberals with two local victories.

Yet, I constantly hear from many of these “Liberals” that they are Christians. Can anyone think that Jesus would condone such juvenile and barbaric behaviour? If you were one of those people who voted BC Liberal, do you condone such moronic behaviour?

You have now elected a government where the “Evil Capitalist Hordes” are not only at the gates, they are in the city and they have four years to “pillage” the taxpayers in order to benefit their corporate masters.

I predict that, within three years, many of you who voted for these hypocrites will be calling for their downfall. Watch my words.


Dick Harrington