Letters: The ‘stench’ from the Duffy Senate trial still lingers

Mike Duffy provided an unsettling insight in the Canada's upper house, reader says.

The Mike Duffy extended-trial carbuncle actually provided Canadians more information about the senate’s corruption, self-service, and protection within this antiquated and purposeless body, than what was revealed about Duffy’s own (if not quite legislatively criminal), actions.

The Duffy carbuncle, revealed all senators falsified reports, hindered officials obtaining information, and lied throughout the information gathering process.

Duffy’s own “opportunistic” billing-transgressions were tiny compared with the Senate’s manipulation of the Prime Minister’s Office, where this appointed body of “sober second thought,” apparently secretly wagged every elected Canadian government since its flawed colonial inception, and is now viewed as a joke, in today’s global system of interconnected computer networks providing instant, free, and equal, public input for transparent democratic action.

Actually, the newly elected Liberal government could become Canada’s liberalist heroes by instead of making another bureaucracy to advise the PM on senate appointments, legislating the stoppage of appointing more senators and letting the senate wither away, painlessly, for everyone’s benefit.

But the Duffy carbuncle, also revealed that since all past governments did not “fix” a system that got them there, it is far more likely that our newly elected Liberal government will not do what is necessary, and simply change the appointment protocol and immerse a few clean-apples into a fully rotten barrel, and plug-their nose at the continued Senate stench.

Bryan Stephenson,