Letters: Support for Soowahlie in land fight

Letter writer says a 250-unit development on Soowahlie land near Cultus Lake should not go ahead.

Let’s support the Soowahlie peoples for their stand against the 250 new homes development up in the Cultus Lake Park/Columbia Valley District.

This situation should not fall on disinterested ears.  Because, the future is now;  are you prepared for a second bridge over the Chilliwack River?

Sunday, we drove down through Garrison to take a walk at the Chilliwack river’s edge.  It was very warm and stressful caught sitting in a long ribbon of traffic extending from Keith Wilson Road intersection to the silver bridge at the river. Returning to our car after our walk,  we took a deep breath as we looked at the traffic that seemed unchanged an hour earlier. It was a challenge attempting to get through the solid traffic again onto  Vedder Road.

Chilliwack drivers are presently patient as they sit in the long lineup to cross the bridge to Cultus Lake Recreation, I’m assuming.

Let’s have another rally and this time I’ll be there to march as well.

I know everything is impermanent, but let’s keep the natural state of the forest as long as possible, for the next generations?

This is the decade of Mindfulness.  Let’s treasure what is impermanent.


Danuta Shayler