Letters: Liberals have little to teach about reform

While there may be no more Liberal Senators there clearly are Senators who are Liberal, says MP Mark Strahl

Re: Senate Reform is still possible

How are we to trust Liberal MP Scott Simms when he says the Liberal Party is removing partisanship and patronage from the Senate?

Back in January his party leader, Justin Trudeau unilaterally declared “There are no more Liberal Senators”. But while there may be no more Liberal Senators there clearly are Senators who are Liberal.

They meet as a caucus in Ottawa just as they did before. They hold the same titles and collect the same financial entitlements afforded recognized parties. They attended the recent Liberal Party convention and they continue to engage in partisan activities to support the Liberal Party.

For example, well after Trudeau’s declaration, Chretien appointed Senator Mobina Jaffer attended a fundraising event for a Liberal riding association in Ontario. Would the Senator do the same for the Conservative association? It’s not likely.

This is how the BC Senator described herself after Trudeau’s declaration, “I’m still a Liberal senator, not independent. I’m still a Liberal senator, but now we work within our own Liberal Senate Caucus.”

We have a self-described Liberal Senator, traveling from BC to Ontario to raise money for the Liberal riding association and yet we are expected to take Trudeau seriously when he says “there are no more Liberal Senators”?

Clearly Trudeau’s declaration is in the words of one commentator “window dressing” or as long-time Liberal party operator Warren Kinsella called it “a dumb stunt”.

Mark Strahl, MP

Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon